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PANAQUA™ water and wastewater treatment technologies are designed and built in Canada for rugged Canadian site conditions and for any other place on Earth that needs clean water.

PANAQUA™ water and wastewater systems are designed to be flexible. Treatment modules can be inter-connected to each other and to other water treatment technologies so treatment possibilities are endless.

PANAQUA™ containerized water and wastewater treatment plants offer many benefits. They are mobile, durable, flexible, and scalable. Prefabricated equipment also reduces risk to both workers and owners by simplifying construction on site.

Our innovative, compact and efficient water and wastewater treatment plants are easy to install and fast to start-up even in remote areas. With dependable equipment and practical designs that are easy to operate and maintain, PANAQUA™ is the water and wastewater treatment solution for mining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, manufacturing, work camps, small communities and more.

PANAQUA™ is the result of many years of research, development and innovation by McCue Engineering Contractors, an award-winning Canadian, leading edge, full-service, water and wastewater treatment system design and manufacturing company.

How We Build a Water Treatment Plant

by McCue Engineering Contractors