Membrane Biological Reactor 

Containerized Solution

Reactor tank, immersed membranes, aeration equipment, instrumentation, pumps, electrical panels

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Organic matter – expressed as BOD/TOC/DOC

APPLICATIONS: Municipal Wastewater (Sewage), Work Camps, Small to Medium Sized Communities, Industrial Wastewater, Water Treatment and Reuse


  • Modular comprehensive solution in small footprint
  • Simpler process operation
  • Reclaimed water quality


Work camps and small to medium sized communities have specific constraints when dealing with their wastewater (sewage). In many cases the space is small, the time for deployment is short, certified plant operators may not be available, and staged capacity increase may be required. Some industrial wastewater applications face similar challenges, and higher effluent quality may be required for reuse. Combining biological treatment and membrane filtration, the PANAQUA™ MBR is a perfect fit for these applications.


PANAQUA™ MBR offers biological treatment and solids separation all in one unit, eliminating the need for clarifiers or filters downstream of the biological treatment. It is 50% smaller than traditional activated sludge processes and is designed for simplicity of operation. The membrane technology inside the PANAQUA™ MBR provides reclaimed water quality, lowering disinfection requirements and posttreatment needs in general. PANAQUA™ MBR is a durable containerized unit consisting of a membrane biological reactor, monitoring equipment, ancillary equipment, and automation. Several modules can be deployed together or in stages to allow for process flexibility and increased capacity. PANAQUA™ MBR is also easily connected to other PANAQUA™ products for cases where more complex water treatment is required.