PANAQUA™ Reactor


Fully Equipped Chemical Reactor

Standalone Unit

Steel reactor tank, mixers, chemical injection ports, instrumentation ports.

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Suspended Solids, Metals in water, Sulphates, High/Low pH.

APPLICATIONS: Mine Water, Industrial Wastewater, Construction, Aggregate and Concrete Plants.


  • Efficient use of chemical reagents
  • Treatment of multiple contaminants within the same unit
  • Built tough in Canada


Suspended solids, total and dissolved metals, sulphates, and high or low pH are frequently found in the wastewater produced by industrial activities such as mining and construction. These contaminants must be removed and the pH adjusted before water is discharged or reused. Chemical precipitation of contaminants and pH adjustment is often the treatment process of choice, with the PANAQUA™ Reactor being a key process component.  


PANAQUA™ Reactor is designed to optimize chemical reactions through efficient mixing and adequate residence time so that no unreacted chemical is carried through, and no money is wasted. Customizable chambers and injection ports allow for multiple chemical reactions to take place in a compact, single vessel. The PANAQUA™ Reactor is constructed of steel in Canada and has a small footprint relative to its mixing capacity. Various sizes are available and multiple units can be connected for process flexibility and higher capacity. All PANAQUA™ products are designed with operators in mind, and the Reactor is no exception with numerous health & safety and maintenance features. Interconnection to other PANAQUA™ products and technologies is easily accomplished for an overall wastewater treatment solution.