PANAQUA™ Potable

Reactor / Media Filtration / Activated Carbon / Membranes / UV Disinfection / Chlorination

Containerized Solution or Standalone Unit (depends on each application)

Carbon/media/membrane filtration units, pumps, instrumentation, automation, UV disinfection, chemical dosing equipment

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Suspended and Dissolved Solids, Turbidity, Heavy Metals, Pathogens: Bacteria and Viruses

APPLICATIONS: Potable Water, Drinking Water, Clean Water, Tap Water, Food Preparation, Hand-wash and Shower, Work Camps, Other domestic uses


  • Safe water quality
  • Highly customizable 
  • Ideal for small communities and work camps


Potable water, also called drinking water and sometimes clean water, must meet stringent requirements to be safe for human consumption and use. It must contain a certain amount of minerals (salts) but be free from heavy metals, suspended solids (turbidity), pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, and any other substances that may be harmful to human health. PANAQUA™ Potable combines the appropriate technologies to produce potable water from any water source.


PANAQUA™ Potable features a highly customizable design that ensures drinking water quality is achieved by selecting the best set of technologies to target site specific parameters of concern. Examples of the technologies that may be included are: chemical precipitation, activated carbon, multimedia and bag filters, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, UV disinfection, and chlorination. All the equipment can be containerized, with the modular design allowing for layout flexibility and scalability. Various levels of automation are available to meet operation and maintenance requirements for each project. Built tough in Canada, PANAQUA™ Potable is the solution for ensuring a reliable drinking water source for small communities and work camps, even in remote locations.