PANAQUA™ Nutrients

nutrients container

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor – Biological treatment for nutrient removal

Standalone Unit

Multi-chamber reactor tank, MBBR media, instrumentation, aeration and mixing equipment

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphorus

APPLICATIONS: Mine Water, Industrial Wastewater.


  • Biological treatment for stringent effluent requirements
  • Compact, scalable, custom-made design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Built tough in Canada


Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Phosphorus are useful nutrients to plants but in surface water and groundwater they can be harmful to the environment.  Nutrients are often found as contaminants in mine water due to the use of nitrogen-based explosives. They are also common in agricultural runoff through fertilizer use and improper waste disposal. Biological treatment, particularly MBBR, offers a great solution to nutrient contamination.


PANAQUA™ Nutrients is a biological treatment solution that can meet strict discharge limits for nitrogen species in water with minimum footprint. Our MBBR technology is fully customizable: the number and configuration of chambers, MBBR media, aeration equipment, mixing equipment, and instrumentation are designed and selected based on the requirements of each application.  PANAQUA™ Nutrients includes automated controls and requires little operator oversight and maintenance. The unit can be easily connected to pre- and post-treatment units to complete any treatment process.  Treatment possibilities are endless.