PANAQUA™ Chem-Inject


Chemical dosing system 

Containerized or Mounted Unit

Dosing pumps, piping and accessories, calibration equipment, instrumentation

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Suspended Solids, Metals in water, Sulphates, Sludge, Ammonia, Others requiring chemical treatment

APPLICATIONS: Mine Water, Industrial Wastewater, Construction, Aggregate and Concrete Plants, Others


  • Efficient chemical use through custom automation
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Seamless process integration


Chemical reagents such as coagulants, flocculants, precipitants, or pH adjustment agents play an important role in many water treatment processes. Each reagent’s injection point and their dosing rates are variables that could compromise the treatment process efficiency if not properly designed, calibrated, and controlled either through automation or guided operator oversight. PANAQUA™ Chem-Inject offers a proven solution to address the need for accurate chemical dosing.


PANAQUA™ Chem-Inject is designed with flexibility in mind. There is a PANAQUA™ Chem-Inject model for each application, treatment process and site requirement. Standard models can be customized for chemical compatibility, dosing pump type and capacity (flow rate) to fit the application, and level of automation to meet the preferred amount of operator oversight. More automated systems work with monitoring equipment included in the water treatment plant allowing for optimized chemical consumption with logistic and economic benefits. PANAQUA™ Chem-Inject is a containerized solution featuring sturdy reliable equipment with standard spare parts that make it easy to operate and maintain.  All PANAQUA™ products are designed with operators in mind, and the Chem-Inject is no exception with numerous health & safety and maintenance features. Interconnection to other PANAQUA™ products and technologies is easily accomplished for an overall wastewater treatment solution.