PANAQUA™ Selenium

PanAqua Selenium

Specialty Ion Exchange

Containerized Solution

Pressure vessels, ion exchange resins, instrumentation, pumps, regeneration equipment, automation, electrical panels


APPLICATIONS: Mine Water, Oil & Gas Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater, Polishing.


  • Biological treatment for stringent effluent requirements
  • Compact, scalable, custom-made design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Built tough in Canada


Selenium is often present in minerals extracted in mining operations and it leaches into the mine contact water from waste rock piles. It is also found in wastewater from other industries such as crude-oil refineries. Its toxicity at relatively low concentrations makes it a contaminant of concern and it must be removed from wastewater before it reaches surface water or groundwater. In addition, other applications may require selenium removal as a polishing stage when producing clean to ultrapure water. Regardless of the industry or application, PANAQUA™ Selenium offers an optimized solution for the removal of selenium from water and wastewater.


PANAQUA™ Selenium is based on ion exchange technology and features application-specific resins to target selenium in water. The system is fully equipped with backwash and resin regenerating equipment, transfer pumps, instrumentation, control & electrical panels, and all required ancillary equipment. It is housed in a durable container offering flexibility for layout design, modularization, and scalability. PANAQUA™ Selenium’s base design is customized to meet the needs of each site and application, with options for system capacity, number of trains, equipment redundancy, level of automation, and chemical storage. PANAQUA™ Selenium keeps the operator in mind with measures to minimize chemical handling, reliable automation, and streamlined operation and maintenance. PANAQUA™ Selenium can be easily integrated with other PANAQUA™ products and other technologies for an overall water and wastewater treatment solution.