PANAQUA™ Chem-Makeup


Autonomous on-site chemical preparation and conditioning 

Containerized Solution / Standalone Equipment (depending on application)

Dry product unloader and conveyor or liquid product transfer pump, mixing tank, mixer(s), aging tank, instrumentation

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Suspended Solids, Metals in water, Sulphates, Sludge, Ammonia, Others requiring chemical treatment

APPLICATIONS: Mine Water, Industrial Wastewater, Construction, Aggregate and Concrete Plants, Others


  • Modular solution
  • Custom design with standardized equipment
  • Seamless process integration


Chemical reagents are frequently utilized in water treatment plants for a variety of purposes. They can be used as coagulants, flocculants, precipitants, or filtration aids in the initial process stages; to adjust the chemical composition of the water in the post treatment stages; or even to improve sludge characteristics for treatment or disposal. In many instances the reagents are not ready to use as delivered due to convenience and cost for transport and storage.  PANAQUA™ Chem-Makeup offers a perfect solution for preparing chemical reagents for use on site.


PANAQUA™ Chem-Makeup efficiently and accurately prepares chemical reagents into the required form for injection. Dry products are made down into aqueous solutions and liquid products are diluted further to the desired concentration. Our standard design can be customized to accommodate bag unloaders, conveyors, transfer pumps, mixers, tanks, and instrumentation for ease of operation and maintenance. Each PANAQUA™ Chem-Makeup combines these pieces in a design that meets the specific chemical product, water treatment process, and site constraints. All PANAQUA™ products are designed with operators in mind, with numerous health & safety and maintenance features.  The PANAQUA™ Chem-Makeup is effortlessly integrated into the water treatment plant, it offers the possibility of sourcing several treatment trains from the same station and allows for flexible layout.