PanAqua MBBR Tank

Moving Bed Biological Reactor

Standalone Unit

Reactor tank, floating media, aeration equipment, instrumentation

TARGET CONTAMINANTS: Organic matter – expressed as BOD/TOC/DOC, nutrients

APPLICATIONS: Municipal Wastewater (Sewage), Work Camps, Small to Medium Sized Communities, Industrial Wastewater, Water Treatment and Reuse


  • Compact versatile design
  • Easier operation and maintenance
  • Robust treatment process


Wastewater applications can present specific challenges such as small space availability, partial or reduced operator availability, seasonal flow variations, and limitations on time and other resources for the construction of traditional activated sludge facilities. On top of that, treatment for multiple parameters of concern may be required. PANAQUA™ MBBR offers the ideal biological treatment technology to meet wastewater treatment requirements while addressing site and application constraints.


PANAQUA™ MBBR provides efficient biological treatment in a compact and versatile design. PANAQUA™ MBBR media is specifically selected for each application and the design may even include various types of media in the same treatment train to treat different parameters of concern. The reactor tank is custom-made; providing flexibility for sequential treatment of contaminants, space constraints, and winterization needs. PANAQUA™ MBBR is built tough to withstand seasonal flow variations and it produces 10 times less solids than traditional treatment processes, which broadens the range of technologies that can be used for the solids separation stage. PANAQUA™ MBBR is designed with the operator in mind, it does not require sludge recycle and control or manual sludge waste, making operation much easier. Regular maintenance of the media is not required, and the maintenance of equipment downstream of PANAQUA™ MBBR is greatly simplified thanks to the low solids concentration in PANAQUA™ MBBR effluent. PANAQUA™ MBBR is easily connected to other PANAQUA™ products and other technologies for an overall wastewater treatment.