Wastewater: Sewage

Industrial work camps and small to medium sized communities share some specific constraints when dealing with their wastewater (sewage).  In many cases the space for a sewage treatment plant is small, the time for deployment is short, and certified plant operators are difficult to find. Additionally, work camps sometimes require additional capacity to be added over time.  McCue offers multiple solutions for sewage treatment for applications like these. Two of the most popular are PANAQUA™ MBBR and PANAQUA™ MBR.


PANAQUA™ MBBR provides efficient biological treatment in a compact and versatile design. PANAQUA™ MBBR media is specifically selected for each application and the design may even include various types of media in the same treatment train to treat different parameters of concern. PANAQUA™ MBBR is easily connected to other PANAQUA™ products and other technologies for an overall wastewater treatment.

PANAQUA™ MBR offers biological treatment and solids separation all in one unit, eliminating the need for clarifiers or filters downstream of the biological treatment. It is 50% smaller than traditional activated sludge processes and is designed for simplicity of operation. The membrane technology inside the PANAQUA™ MBR provides reclaimed water quality, lowering disinfection requirements and posttreatment needs in general. PANAQUA™ MBR is also easily connected to other PANAQUA™ products for cases where more complex water treatment is required.

McCue also offers its EOCP certified course TIPs for training operators on the operation of all its products.


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