Amonia in mine wastewater

BC mining is subject to strict environmental regulations and is gaining global recognition for ethical mining. Amendments to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMER) under the title of Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations (MDMER) came into force in June 2021.
The Amendment included a requirement that the discharge of unionized ammonia from mines complies with a monthly mean concentration limit of 0.5 mg-N/L.
In response to these new Ammonia regulations, McCue Engineering Contractors introduced PANAQUA™ Nutrients, a biological treatment system that can meet strict discharge limits for nitrogen species in water with a minimum footprint, designed per the new criteria for ammonia regulation.

PANAQUA™ Nutrients highlights:

•Biological treatment for stringent effluent requirements

•Compact and scalable

•Easy to operate and maintain

•Built tough in Canada

More information about ammonia in mine wastewater and the new MDMER Regulation is available here: Recent Adaptation to MDMER regulations: Removal of ammonia from metal and diamond mine discharge written by Kareena Gill, M. Eng., E.I.T, Project Engineer at McCue Engineering Contractors.

Information about PANAQUA™ Nutrients can be found here: